Bentara Agri

Flying Into a New Era of Agriculture

Tilting twin-rotor Structure

Better adapted to agricultural production

Super4x Intelligent Flight Control

New-gen super smart control system

RTK Centimetre-level Positioning

Precise, fully autonomous flight

Stable Downdraft

Increase penetration to crops

Multi-directional Radars

Accurate perception and obstacle avoidance

Multi-functional Design


Spraying / broadcast / mapping

Small Size, Big Impact

Revolutionary tilting twin-rotor structure
Featuring SuperX 4 Intelligent Control System Equipped with XAG RevoSpray™, RevoCast™, and RealTerra™
Bring a new level of efficiency to digital agriculture.

Revolutionary Tilting
Twin-rotor Structure

More concentrated downdraft
More energy-efficient
Higher agility

With multiple aerodynamic optimisations

Spray Penetration is Greatly Improved Than Traditional One

Modular design

Fast Switching of Task Systems
Meets All Your Needs

Arms and propellers fold over doubly

Reduce Handling Volume by a Third, More space-saving

IP67 rating protection


Braving Any Harshness,
Bringing Easier Maintenance


Precise and digital agriculture in one step


Kick off a New Era of Autonomous Farming

Super4x Ultra-Intelligent Brain

SuperX 4 Intelligent Control System, a perfect combination of the mighty AI algorithm, high-performance powertrain and flexible task systems.

Highly Integrated 

Combine flight control, environmental sensing and data transmission

Precision Navigation

RTK navigation + 5G expansion

Ultra-high Computer Power

A FC chip with 20 times more computing power

PSL Pilot Perspective Image

Clearly Display Field Condition and Allows Precision in Complex Environment 

Smart Control with Ease



Quick start with one connection
Three operation modes for you to take

Battery Level

Stronger, smarter, and safer

Lithium polymer battery in 962 Wh large capacity
Intelligent battery management system to make proper use.
Connection design ensures stable large current output
IP65 protection, 11min* SuperCharge in water cooling tank

A solution is born for a poor network connection

XAG® Local Network Terminal provides stable communication links for fully autonomous drone operation under 4G network but with poor signal or non 4G network. Bridging signal connection between handheld control terminals, RTK portable base station and XAG agricultural drone, this is the solution that you need to remain steady, safe, and high-accuracy flight.
Breaking the limitation on internet infrastructure.

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