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The XAG R150 Unmanned Ground Vehicle represents the future of farming, utilizing unmanned systems for agricultural operations. With its remarkable scalability and diverse operation modes, this revolutionary platform is the first of its kind to be mass-produced in the agricultural robotics industry. Whether it’s precision crop protection, field scouting, or on-farm material delivery, the XAG R150 offers cutting-edge ground-based autonomous solutions tailored to your specific needs. Experience the industry-leading advancements in unmanned technology with this versatile and powerful agricultural robotic platform.

Unnamed Operations with Smart Control, One System With Multiple Jobs

Modular, Extensible Design

Optional playload system

High Speed, Jet Spraying

Precise and effecient

Easy Palm Control

Simple to use

Powerful Momentum

Traverse various terrains

Automated Delivery

Hands-free Operations

High-intensity Structure, Multiple Protections from Harsh Condition

Autonomous Operation

SuperX4 Intelligent Control System

Multi Functional Design

Mowing, plant protection, transport

Traverse Various Terrains

Powerful momentum

Precision Driving

RTK Centimeter-level Positioning

Safe & Reliable

Stereo vision

Easy to Use

Two handed remote controller, one tap to operate on app

I handle farm works all by myself

XAG SuperX 4 Pro Intelligent Control System delivers ultra-computing and RTK cm-level positioning, which enables R150 2022 to operate autonomously with smart route planning.


Strong Algorithm, Fast Response

1 GHz independent processor

Centimeter-level Positioning

Dual-antenna RTK + fixed/portable station access

Intelligent Perception

Stereo vision
I Know How to Run Safely

Stereo vision sees front obstacles accurately and automatically identify driving routes.

Strong Power

High-performance brushless motor, output instantaneous power for superior off-road performance

Work With Me and Relax

Two types of interaction and four operation modes give youthe most suitable control experience on different applications.

Route Mode

Multiple routes, execute autonomously

Shuttle Mode

Store routes, effortless

Follow-me Mode

Work partner, follows like a shadow

Remote Control Mode

Quick start, easy to use

Battery Power Stronger, Smarter, and Safer

The all-new B13960S Smart Battery possesses bigger electric power and super charge capability.

Auto SuperCharge Station

  • Variable frequency generator with ultra-low fuel consumption of 0.6 L/KWh

  • Max. 25 batteries can be fully charged with a 15 L full tank of petrol

  • Small and lightweight, 31.5 kg in net weight

  • XBMS intelligent battery management system, safe and reliable

  • LCD monitor allows quick access to operating status and maintenance reminder

Intelligent SuperCharger

  • Economical and highly efficient

  • 2500 W rated power, 15 min SuperCharge

Intelligent SuperCharge Battery

  • 960 Wh large capacity

  • min fully charged in water cooling tank⁵

  • XBMS Intelligent Battery Management System Self-balancing of battery cell

  • New heat-resistant material with a built-in temperature sensor

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