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It’s More Than a Large Scale

XAG P100 Agricultural Drone is crafted in structure that can separate the flying platform and task systems, integrating efficient spreading and precision spraying modules. This powerful and reliable drone is the flagship to open the new era of smart agriculture.

Efficient Spreading

280 kg per charge of a battery pack ¹

Precision Spraying

Centifulgally atomized droplet size:
60-400 μm
Flow rate (single pump): 0.3-6 L/min

Safe and Reliable

Dynamic radar, intelligent
obstacle avoidance

Fully Autonomous

One tap to operate on app, RTK
centimeter-level navigation

Detachable Design

Fast transform & easy to carry

Separable Design, Easier Transportation

The drone can separate its flying platform from task systems, to reduce handling weight for easier functional switch, transportation and maintenance.

Mega-Flow Spraying, Smooth and Precision to Every Droplet



Combine new peristaltic pumps and nozzle shutoff valve with mature centrifugal atomization technology, bringing an evolution in both flow rate and efficiency. Take precision spraying to the next level.

New Generation Peristaltic Pump

Max. flow rate: 12 L/min

Quick-release Spraying Bar

Easy to detach, install, transport and maintain


Efficient Plant Protection

Max. spraying width: 10 m


Intelligent Centrifugal Atomization

Atomized droplet size: 60-400 μm

Nozzle Shutoff Valve

No leakage during turning and transport


40 L Smart Liquid Tank

Real-time liquid level detection


Spread with Precision and High Efficiency

Adopt a brand-new design for the spreading disc and screw feeder to reshape the spread methodology of agricultural drones, greatly enhancing efficiency and accuracy

Fast Spreading While Flying

Flight speed is up to 13.8 m/s. A battery pack would suffice to spread 280 kg fertilizer ³

60 L Granule Container

Sensor detects the remaining granules to avoid misses and spinning with empty granule container

Precisely Adjustable Spreading Width

Easily adjust spreading width through flight height

Smart Screw Feeder

Change screw feeder according to the size of granules, providing precision and smooth spreading

Vertical Centrifugal Spreading Disc

Strong wind-resistant capacity, precision spreading

Quick-release, Water-washable

The screw feeder can be quickly detached, and is easy to clean

A Smart Core Powered by AI

SuperX 4 Pro Intelligent Control combines the mighty AI Algorithm and high performance powertrain. Integrated with flexible task systems, this upgraded control module can easily realize fully autonomous precision spraying and broadcast operations. A smart companion for digital agricultural production.

1 GHz Independent Processor

Fast algorithm and quick response

3 x IMU + AI Fault Predicition

Safe flight

Advanced Control Algorithms

Fully optimize flight and effeciency

Dual-link Communication

Stable operation on LAN and in poor network condition

Dual-anntena RTK + Fixed/Portable Station Access

Centimeter-level positioning and navigation

Automatic Route Planning

Plan the flight route based on field, battery, and volume

Adaptable to Most Terrains, Flexibly Avoid Obstacle
Dynamic radar combined with terrain-adaptive module, sensing incoming obstacles and the surrounding environment during flight. Detect obstacles position, distance, direction and speed within 40 meters ahead and above to achieve prediction and bypassing. Protect safe flight from all dimensions.

Dynamic Radar

Quickly detect obstacles within 40 m ahead and above ⁴

Terrain Radar Module

Terrain radar and optical flow provide precision detection of downward terrain

Surging Power Comes for Upgraded Load and High-Intensity Operation

47 inches Efficient Propellers

Durable and lightweight

Brand New Motor

Great Improve power output

Integral FOC ESCs

Accurately adjust power to reduce power consumption

Battery Power Stronger, Smarter, and Safer

The all-new B13960S Smart Battery possesses bigger electric power and super charge capability.

Auto SuperCharge Station

  • Variable frequency generator with ultra-low fuel consumption of 0.6 L/KWh

  • Max. 25 batteries can be fully charged with a 15 L full tank of petrol

  • Small and lightweight, 31.5 kg in net weight

  • XBMS intelligent battery management system, safe and reliable

  • LCD monitor allows quick access to operating status and maintenance reminder

Intelligent SuperCharger

  • Economical and highly efficient

  • 2500 W rated power, 15 min SuperCharge

Intelligent SuperCharge Battery

  • 960 Wh large capacity

  • min fully charged in water cooling tank⁵

  • XBMS Intelligent Battery Management System Self-balancing of battery cell

  • New heat-resistant material with a built-in temperature sensor

Real Life, Real Performance in Farm and Field





Real Life, Real Performance In Farm and Field




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Real Life, Real Performance in Farm and Field